Website Is Back Up and Running

Our website has been down for most of this year.  We are pleased to announce that - finally –  it has been resurrected.

With the website’s revamp focusing on THE POINT GUARD book which is soon to be released, we have created this new blog, “ThePG Blog” to allow The PG to opine on a wider array of Point Guard and NBA-related issues with much more direct referencing to the ideas promulgated in THE POINT GUARD treatise.  Additionally, ThePG blog will serve as a catalyst for topics discussed on THE POINT GUARD Internet Radio Program on BlogTalkRadio.  Finally, ThePG Blog will also be a forum which is designed for comments, so please feel free to reply to any of ThePG’s posts moving forward.

Our “May Your Point Guard Flow…” blog will continue to function as it always has; neither is our Facebook Page undergoing under any changes in format.  They will each continue to be the primary reservoirs of YouTube videos and will continue to post weekly archived episodes of THE POINT GUARD Internet Radio Program.

Remember, there are two ways to access ThePG Blog:  1) Go to and click on “ThePG Blog” on the Page Heading Bar; and  2) type the URL in your browser.

May Your Point Guard Flow…

The PG

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